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What Is Print Hope?

South Africa remains the epicenter for the HIV/AIDS pandemic, with the highest infection rate in the world, and we aim to change that by equipping the next generation with the prevention information they need.

Our goal is to provide 12,000 students with the culturally relevant prevention curriculum they need.  At $2 per book, we invite you to invest in printing hope.

Print Hope is an extension of Ignite South Africa,  an organization that is working in partnership with the Department of Education to prevent HIV in the next generation. Through our Flashpoint program, we reach 4,000 students every year in 14 public schools. 

Our program is strategically located in QwaQwa, the poorest region of South Africa, where 1 in 5 people are HIV+. Our methods are strategic, and our program is in accordance with the findings from the United Nation’s Global Report on AIDS:


1 United Nations 2010 Global Report on AIDS, accessible at:


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